DRIP CREAMERY is a small batch artisan ice cream brand that was born in Toronto but is now solely operating in Vancouver. DRIP is about an experience of nostalgia through our flavours. Sure, we love an OG vanilla but we love to push the envelope to enhance, create and innovate flavours that are out of the box. We strive to use the best ingredients we can source to craft our ice cream and make all of our inclusions in-house... cookies, brownies, jams, you get the point. Our flavours will always evolve, we strive for perfection.



As we currently operate in small batches, we offer very limited flavours per week on an online drop basis. Every Monday at 6PM, you can visit our page and shop to your hearts desire until we sell out (emphasis on the word limited!). Paid customers can pickup their order that same Saturday of the week at Paragon Tea Room 3361 Cambie St Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6 anytime between the hours from 12-4pm.
Be sure to plan ahead for your orders to be picked up that same week as we are unable to hold any orders for the upcoming week. Thank you for your understanding!